Are You Under Attack !

Powerful Virtual Private Servers
99.9 Uptime - Free Control Panel - Fast Activation
Get Protected Today Upto 500 Gbs
Don't Let DDos Bring Down Your Business
Minimum latency For GameServers .

Why HmaServ ?
  • Attacks Monitoring

    Monitor all kinds of attacks and show reports contain ips - state - hostname - Bytes sent and also the size of the attack With a property sent Sms when an attack occurs . More Info

  • Remote reboot

    Your server doesn't respond? don't panic. HmaServ offers you the remote reboot service. This service is included with any Vps or Dedicated server. More Info

  • DDos Protected

    UDP Attacks
    TCP SYN Flood
    SYN-ACK Reflection Attacks
    ICMP Attacks
    DNS Amplification Attacks
    HTTP Attacks

  • Fast & Friendly Support

    HmaServ technical support team will monitor and resolve any Service related issues - leaving you to run your business.

  • Service Uptime

    HmaServ offers 99.9% uptime guarantee. It means that your website will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any 12-month period. This guarantee includes network uptime, service uptime

  • 100 - 1000 Mbps Bandwidth

    Our high-speed, redundant network gives you fast, reliable hosting with 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Choose from Multiple Locations!

Server Location
Protection Level
Canada Dedicated Servers & Vps
Layer4 Layer7   Up To 20gbs / 10 mpps
MOLDOVA Dedicated Servers
Layer4 Layer7  Up To 500gbs / 550 mpps
Switherland Dedicated Servers & Vps
Layer4 Layer7   Up To 10gbs / 4 mpps
Romania Dedicated Servers & Vps & Proxy
Layer4 Layer7  Up To 500gbs / 550 mpps
France Dedicated Servers & Vps
Level 1 : Layer4   Up To 1gb
Level 2 : Layer4 Layer7  Up To 20gbs / 10 mpps
USA Dedicated Servers & Vps
Layer4   Up To 20gbs / 20 mpps

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